5 Farmhouse Design Ideas And Tips


Whether you want your modern house to have farm house vibes, or you want to build a farmhouse, you need to know some basics on how a farmhouse looks. Farm houses have a rustic and cozy feel to them, which you must capture by designing and selecting specific interior décor items. Farmhouse style was very popular in the old days, but now it seems like people want the same old vibe in their new and modern houses. So, let’s dive into the tips and tricks that will make your modern houses look more vintage and rustic, just like a farmhouse. 

  1. Wooden Ceilings

This is the main distinctive factor, which adds a touch of character to your farm house. Mostly, farm houses are made of wood and the interior also consists of wood. Having wooden ceilings will make your house look like a typical farm house. Nowadays, you can get false wooden ceilings, which you can stick to your ceilings, to resemble wooden ceilings. In this way, you don’t have to worry about your roof being weak, because real wooden ceilings are very weak and prone to collapse. 

  1. Spice the Walls Up

To make your walls look more rustic, you can hang on some imitation reindeer skulls, artificial knives, hooves and another rustic décor. This will instantly make your house look like an actual farm house. If you want to go the extra mile, then you can install brick or stone walls. This will really complete the look. Stone walls are another characteristic of farm houses. It looks undone and rustic, but it also has its own unique style, which stands out. 

  1. Wooden Flooring

You must have gotten the point by now, that a farm house is incomplete without wooden floors. Something about rough and tough wooden floors, adds to the character of a farmhouse. Wooden flooring and ceilings, alone, will make your house look rustic. The best part about wooden floors are that they are classic and stylish, and they always make the room look nicer and put-together. The sturdy and reliable so it is really worth the investment.

5 Farmhouse Design Ideas And Tips

  1. Open View Concept

Farm houses are the pioneers of open view living rooms and kitchens. Open view concept means that the living room is attached to an open kitchen. The kitchen is not isolated. In the old days, people with farm houses used to cook in the kitchen and eat in an attached living room. This open floor plan is characteristic to farm houses. 

  1. Unique Combinations

This is also another feature of farm houses. Whether it be kitchen faucets or bathrooms, there was always a combination of metals and textures. The doors would be wooden, but the faucets would be metal, and the basins would be rustic-looking as well. The kitchen tables and chairs were also wooden and rustic. The combination of modern and rustic materials is out of this world.

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