The Construction Bricks- The Different Types You Should Know


Brick homes are traditional in most of the areas around the world. These houses are durable, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. They are perfect for the sunny landscape. If you want to make your home with the bricks, you should first know the various types available in the market. Each one of them has its features, sizes, styles and shapes. While constructing the home with these building blocks, it is very important to know which one to buy- the single course or double course. Before delving more in the matter, here are types described in brief-

  1. A single type of bricks

They are available in standard size and shape. They are about 76mm in height and most of the traditional homes are made with these building blocks. Each row of this building block is called the course and thus it is often called as the single course brick.

  1. Double course bricks

It is one of the popular alternatives to single course ones. These are twice the height of the single course brick and they are longer than the traditional one. They give a similar aesthetic feeling, sturdiness and base material, the double course one is the cheaper version than the single version. Constructing the house with this building block reduces manual labour and other building costs.

While using the double course building blocks, the design and the shape of the house should also be altered. After you decide which type of material you are choosing, you should also consider other factors that will determine how to choose these building blocks.

Rendering factor

One of the important factors is that the bricks should be rendered. This process involves applying cement on the surface of these building blocks to smoothen the surface. It provides a single and consistent texture across the face of the house. It impacts the aesthetical value largely. To increase the waterproofing and fire-resistant nature, rendering is the must.


For the homeowners who do not think about the exposure of the bricks, the option is cladding. It denotes applying the layer that is applied over the material to shed water and protect the building blocks from harsh weather. Cladding is the aesthetic option improves the value of the home. Cladding is done by wood, plastic, masonry and metal. Cladding also helps in controlling the colour and texture of the walls.

Use of face brick

It is another popular option that will improve the aesthetic value of your property. It is the option that people are looking when they want to make a classic and rustic look to the property. These building blocks are versatile and durable. These building blocks are resistant to extreme weather conditions. They are also resistant to mould.

Another popular type of building material is the feature brick. It is the horizontal block that spans from the top of two vertical supports. Apart from these building materials, wooden floors play an important role in the construction. You can get timber floor joists online at affordable prices.

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