Dream Home with a Used House


My friend (20s) bought a used house a few months ago. At first, he didn’t like used goods, but when he actually looked at the property, it wasn’t bad, and he bought it. Looking at the photos sent, the exterior and interior were very beautiful, though used. It certainly looks old, but it also has a small garden, and it is a luxurious property that is too luxurious for a 20s child to live alone.

Dream Home with a Used House

She is now hooked on building the ideal home, painting her walls, remodeling her kitchen and buying fashionable and nice second-hand furniture to decorate her house. He said that he was planting trees in his garden for precautions and making vegetables in the open space.

They seem to have a dream home and live a fulfilling life. After hearing this story, I had never been interested in existing homes, but now I am curious. The only option was a newly-built single-family house, but I started thinking that I might not have to stick with it. There is no problem if it is used and firmly built and beautiful to some extent. Let’s put it in one of the options.

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This is the charm of a second-hand house.

Recently, more and more people are buying new homes and second-hand condominiums instead of new homes. This time, I will use a second-hand apartment as an example. The biggest advantage of a second-hand apartment is that it is cheaper than a new building, but are there other benefits as well?

The first is that the price is cheaper than a newly built apartment of the same size. If you don’t care about the age and facilities, there is a second-hand apartment for around 10 million yen even near the city center.

In addition, it is often not possible to tour inside the building before purchasing a new apartment, but it is possible to visit a second-hand apartment. It is important to actually visit the property when purchasing real estate, so this is also one of the major benefits.

However, be aware that if you are considering the introduction of the latest equipment, or if major repairs are required, this will result in high costs. The second advantage is that there are more properties than new condominiums. If you have decided on the area you want to buy, second-hand apartments have more properties and are easier to select.

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