Deck Restoration – How to Clean, Stain, and Paint a Deck


Homeowners who install decks in their homes get plenty of benefits. It helps homeowners to improve the overall value of their home. In addition, it also adds more functional space in the outside area of the home. Here it is important to understand that installing decks is only half the story.

Meanwhile, owners also have to take good care of it by cleaning, painting, and staining it. The prices for floor sanding and floor repairs services differ from agencies to agencies, and it is best to make the final deal after having enough consideration for the requirements that you have. Continue reading to know more about deck restoration.

  1. Loose Finish

At the first stage of the process, homeowners have to remove loose paint from the deck.  They can use a paint scraper for the job. After removing the loose finish and paint, homeowners have to scrub the entire surface. They can use a bristle brush for accomplishing this job.

In this stage of the process, owners also have to keep their eyes open for damages. Here it is important to understand that rain and high heat can damage the surface of the deck. So in this stage, owners also have to check damages on their deck. If they find structural damages on their deck, then they should consider hiring an expert deck repairing company for fixing the issue.

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  1. Cleaning

At the second stage of the journey, homeowners have to clean their deck. This is a very important part of the overall restoration process. At first, they have to remove dirt from the surface of the deck. At this stage, people don’t have to scrub the surface as they have already done it in the previous stage.

Washing the deck is the most important part of deck cleaning. Many expert companies offer deck wash services. They use the techniques of pressure washing to wash a deck. Homeowners are always recommended to opt for pressure washing. It will help them to deep clean their deck.

  1. Staining

At this stage of the process, homeowners have to apply a fresh coat of deck oil or wood stain on their deck. Here comes the most important question, why people should apply oil on the deck. Well, it will protect the deck from UV rays and weathering. So, overall it is fair to conclude that by staining the deck, people will be able to improve the durability of the deck.

  1. Painting

Finally, at this stage, homeowners have to paint the deck. Painting the entire deck is not as easy as it seems. Due to this reason, homeowners are always recommended to hire an expert company that offers services like a painting. Availing professional services will help homeowners to take the aesthetic value of the home to the next level.

Homeowners have to do the things mentioned above in order to restore their deck. Overall it is fair to conclude that deck restoration is an overwhelming job. However, if they follow the tips mentioned above, then they can make it easier.

Meanwhile, they can also hire a professional company that offers deck restoration carefully as the prices for floor sanding and floor repairs services. Availing expert help for deck restoration will help them to take good care of their deck.

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