Bed and Mattress Care – Protecting Your Investment


While things may have dropped in price a fair bit over recent years, it’s still fair to say that good beds and mattresses do not come cheap. Sure, you can pick up both for next to nothing, but if you’d prefer to invest in a bed that’s good for your health and won’t fall to pieces at the first sneeze, it’s not a cheap investment, to say the least.

Bed and Mattress Care – Protecting Your Investment

The good news, however, is that with a quality product and the right approach, it can at least be an investment that lasts for a great many years. According to the experts at, there’s no reason why any mattress from a solid brand should need to be replaced any more frequently than once every eight years – just so long as it is looked after from day one.

So with this in mind, here’s a quick introduction to just a few tips on how to extend the life of your mattress with simple everyday DIY care methods:

1 – Cover-Ups

First of all, one of the best things you can do from the first day is to invest in a high-quality mattress protector to act as a physical shield from harm. Along with eliminating the chance of staining, a good cover will also cut down on the usual wear and tear that can make a mattress look and feel old before its time.

2 – Take Your Time

Instead of making the bed in the morning the second you get up, throw the covers off the bed and give the mattress a good half hour or so to breathe. A mattress generally eats up a fair bit of moisture during the night, so unless you allow it to escape it will stay put and could cause mold.

3 – Turn and Flip

Every few weeks or so, rotate your mattress or give it a flip to ensure that it gets used evenly across the board. Not only does this help maximize comfort by keeping the filling settled, but it also ensures that no one area of the mattress begins to wear out faster than any other.

4 – Over the Edge

Much as it may be a habit that’s nigh-on impossible to break, sitting on the edge of the bed only puts extreme pressure on one small area and can over time lead to wear and damage. If possible, avoid sitting on the edge of the bed.

5 – The Big Bounce

Clearly the no-brainer of the list, it never has been and never will be a good idea to let the kids bounce, jump and wrestle on your mattress – not if you want it to last, anyway!

6 – Beware the Bend

If for any reason you have to move or store your mattress, never fall into the trap of bending or squashing it down. It may appear as if this is the only way to get it moved, but to bend or compress a mattress of any kind is to risk permanently damaging it. You may even render it unusable.

7 – A Handle on It

When a mattress feature handles on the sides, these aren’t in fact supposed to be used when carrying it. Instead, they’re there for moving the mattress around on the base to get it into position and when folding sheets under the side – never use them to support the full weight of the mattress.

8 – Let it Breathe

While it’s a good idea to use mattress protectors and toppers in some instances, it’s rarely wise to use any kinds of covers that are completely sealed and don’t allow the mattress to breathe. Again, with nowhere for dampness and moisture to escape, it will damage the inside of the mattress.

9 – Suck it Up

Get into the habit of vacuuming the mattress at least once a week to get rid of debris and dust mites. Use an appropriate attachment so as not to damage the surface of the mattress and make sure the windows are open if you have any allergies that may flare up.

10 – Stain Removal

Last but not least, be careful not to ever be too heavy handed when it comes to tackling any marks or stains that appear on your mattress. The reason being that if you allow it to get too wet or use any kinds of solutions that soak into its interiors, you will have no way of effectively rinsing them away or drying them. You could very easily ruin your mattress by trying to improve the appearance of a harmless strain, so proceed with caution.

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