Advantages, Disadvantages and Precautions of Existing Houses


I think that the merit that can be considered in the case of a detached house as a used house is that it is possible to repair and rebuild the building only with the owner’s will. In addition, you can have your own land, and even if the building itself is not evaluated, the land will be evaluated, and if the value of the land rises, the asset value will increase even if it is used.

Advantages, disadvantages and precautions of existing houses

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that the repair cost is high. In the case of exterior walls in particular, about 10 years is said to be the life of painting, so if the previous owner has not repaired at all, it may be unexpectedly expensive.

There are some points to keep in mind when buying a second-hand home. Buying a house is a big deal, so you’ll also notice that you pay attention to the price. If you find a cheap and good house, it will not be better than that, but I think it is important to check not only that but also the surrounding environment and livability.

And I think that you can purchase without failure if you check the past history firmly by looking at the registry book and check if there is any problem.

Points to consider when purchasing a used house

I bought a used apartment for about 25 years ago. My wife at the time was dissatisfied with the existing house, but as long as the budget is fixed, there is no doubt that the used one will go up in place and grade.

If you choose a new building with the same budget, it will naturally become an inconvenient place or reduce the number of rooms. By the way, at the time of divorce, my wife wanted to cling to this apartment where she complained that she was second-hand.

The main concern when choosing a second-hand home is the reason the former resident gives up. I wouldn’t be honest if the surroundings were bad or if the layout was hard to use, but I would have been skeptical if it had been installed.

However, the owner of the apartment said he had decided to build a single-family house because he was concerned about the residents downstairs because he had small children. Actually, there were three small children, and the layout of 3LDK was likely to be a little narrow in the future.

In the house, there was no need for renovation because the small children came and used them neatly. We thought that we were able to do a good shopping inconvenient place.

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