What’s the Best Lawnmower for Your Lawn?


Having a suburban home with a lawn has its perks. Private houses, nice neighbors, your own lawns. However, living in a nice house in the suburbs comes with its own maintenance chores, and a particularly tedious one is lawn mowing. Men all over the world are tired of having to give their lawns a trimming every two months. And who has the time or energy nowadays to take a scythe to the overgrown lawn?

That is where the lawn mower comes in. A lawn mower, as the name suggests, is a machine that cuts grass for you. It can be automatic in which the blades revolve due to an external power source like a battery, or it may be manual in which the mower needs to be pushed forward in order to get its blades to rotate. Most men do not even think twice when getting a lawn account while buying your lawn mower.

There are many types of lawn mowers, each having its own perks and functions. Below we list some common types of lawn mowers and their details.

What’s the Best Lawnmower for Your Lawn?

Manual Lawn Mowers
Manual lawn mowers need to be pushed in order to get it to cut the grass. The wheels are linked to the blades so that when the wheels rotate, so do the blades. It is inexpensive to use but requires some muscular power. Also, it may be quite noisy if not maintained properly.

Motorized Lawn Mowers
Motorized lawn mowers have a motor which powers the blades and in most cases, the wheels too. There are many subtypes of the motorized lawn mower. The rotary lawn mowers need to be pushed manually, but its wheels propel themselves and the blades are automatic. Then there is the ride-on lawn mower which has a seat and control, so the person operating it can sit on it while mowing.

A similar but more versatile type is the tractor lawn mower which is basically a tractor with a lawn mower attachment. Such lawn mowers are efficient for large lawns and golf courses. For small lawns there is the zero turn lawn mower which has the turning radius of zero units, it can basically pivot on the spot.

Electric Lawn Mowers
Almost all the machine types described above also come in electrical versions, where the mowers are powered by electricity, either through a battery; or via a cord and AC mains supply. Electrical lawn mowers are in general inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

Modern Types
Mower Robots
Lawnmower robots, as the name suggests, are small robots which have blades and mow lawns. Some have batteries and they automatically go to their charging hubs when the battery is low; while others are charged by solar energy. They are very efficient and environmentally friendly but very expensive and need a control system embedded in the lawn.

Hover Mowers
Hover mowers are lawn mowers which do not have any wheels but actually hover on a cushion of air. Such mowers are very useful for mowing steep and slippery hills where it is difficult or dangerous to use wheeled lawn mowers. However, they are very expensive and usually need a control system.

Thus, before buying a lawn mower there are many things that need to be considered, for example, the size of the lawn, shape of the lawn, time and budget, et cetera. Hopefully, now you are aware enough to make an informed choice about which lawn mower to buy. Happy lawn mowing!

Owning a Mower
Lawnmowers are usually lower maintenance tools, but they do require some upkeep over the years they are owned. Regular cleaning is a great start, but it is recommended that you find a repair shop for an annual check-up. Find a local repair shop here. Common repairs include blade sharpening and engine tuning (gas only).

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